FORTINIUM is proud founding member of the “Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance”. Thousands of companies have co-opted the “Digital Workspace” term, causing confusion for today’s IT buyer. The Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance aims to help standardize the definitions for the various technologies involved in the Digital Workspace to make it easier for organizations to understand their options. 

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Solution Partners

Fortinium strongly believes in working with and through partners. Products deliver functionality to resolve your technical problems. To become a well accepted solution, such product needs to be embedded in your IT landscape and working processes.

This is where Fortinium Solution Partners come in. Well trained on the product and present in your region these partners are ready to support your evaluation and guide your integration followed by supporting your production.

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A+E Informatik GmbH entstand im Herbst 2001 aus dem Zusammenschluss zweier erfahrener IT-Firmen. Seit nunmehr rund 20 Jahren ist die Firma als innovatives und unabhängiges Schweizer Unternehmen erfolgreich und bietet Kunden kompetenten IT-Service von Beratung, Konzeption, Implementierung bis Support mit Schwerpunkten in den Bereichen Managed Service, Unified Endpoint Management und IT-Security

FORTINIUM Technology Partners

FORTINIUM is all about secure working in REMOTE BROWSER without VPN requirements. Solution requirements however may be wider for some of our customers. To address such, while remaining focused on core competence, we are constantly looking for complementary technologies which fit for integration with/into the Fortinium framework.

Worldclass Virtual Windows Application Delivery

Cameyo is a secure Digital Workspace that utilizes Virtual Application Delivery to enable you to deliver all your Windows apps to any device, from the browser. By enabling organizations to provide their people with secure access to the business-critical apps they need to stay productive from anywhere and on any device, Cameyo makes Remote Work, work. Hundreds of enterprises and organizations utilize Cameyo’s Digital Workspace solution to deliver their applications to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. To learn more, visit

FORTINIUM closely integrates the CAMEYO plattform into its framework, delivering users a seamless side-by-side integration of Web- and Windows-Apps in their browser.