Fortinium is a Switzerland based company developing and marketing cloud based Secure Browser solutions. Our creative team of IT and Security professionals is looking for an experienced


You will be developing using C# / CEF / HTML / JS / CSS to build our latest series of products for a highly performant and scalable Linux cloud environment. You will be working in a small, dedicated team where ones results count and are appreciated and where team communication is an important factor. We therefore currently are looking for applicants who feel confident to communicate in English language, based in the Europe/UK/South Africa region .

Some of your experience & interest:
– Design and continuous improvement of the existing service engine
– Debugging and profiling bugs/performance issues
– Design and implementation of new product features and customer requests
– Dev Environment: Linux with C#, CEF, CEFGlue, HTML/JS/CSS
– Integration with native tool libraries such as Chromium, Thrift, Fuse client
– Team Plattform: Jira, Microsoft Teams

Since we will also increasingly deal with container infrastructure under Linux in the future, fundamental Linux knowhow would be indispensable, but could also be further deepened in the context of an introductory phase as well as within the project.
We also focus on a medium to long term project deployment.

Interested ? Please contact us at