Globalisation and Digitalization – but also unforeseen enforcement of Work-from-Home (WfH) through pandemics like COVID-19 – are driving a massive increase in demand of mobile digital work solutions and will probably be «the new normal» in office work. IT departments around the world are challenged to provide within shortest timeframes solutions considering security necessities and technology abilities versus business- and cost pressure, as well as legal obligations such as GDPR/DSGVO. We provide instantly secure home and office workplaces within the webbrowser of any device and without the usage of VPN.

WORKING FROM HOME OR DURING TRAVEL means to leave the safe corporate network with your computer or even using a private computer or tablet to access corporate as well as public applications and services. To do so the company has no other choice than providing you with external access to a range of systems and sets of data. By doing so (typically providing you with VPN access) the company is widely opening its doors for any kind of cyberthreats, hackers and the like as the best way to achieve damage is to be able under a particular users identity which provides access to data, applications and more.

While computers provided and maintained by the company to you are generally in a less vulnerable state than your private computers and tablets they all share the risk to become a victim of the millions of possible cyberthreads in the public internet. While you surf the internet douzands of interactions between the web sites you visit and your computer happen. Most of them are just part of the application you work with or the information your read -but some of them are used to access data on your device, steal your identity or plant a malware which continues to manipulate your computer long after you left such website.

FORTINIUM is using REMOTE BROWSER technology to let you access a virtualized browser session that executes on a different machine than yours. All you see and do in your browser is identical to your normal way of working on the web – but due to the remote execution a potential attacker will not have any access to your data or identity as well as other corporate information. The solution serves HomeOffice and mobile users to securely access corporate applications and services (without need of VPN) but also can be used for secured Internet access from corporate entworks to public networks where many companies apply strict limitations too.

CAMEYO provides WINDOWS APPLICATION VIRTUALIZATION and integrates seamless with the Fortinium environment to deliver the interaction to the same webbrowser. Secured and virtualized execution brings you many advantages such as «Run Windows Applications on any Device with a WebBrowser» (e.g. Tablet, ChromeBook), «Run compleyx, ressource-demanding applications on slow machines», «Run legacy Windows applications on incompatible machines». Also here the solution serves HomeOffice, Mobile Users and employees in office alike.

It is at your choice – Web Applications/Services only or a complete Digital Web Workspace – we solve it all for you in one single browser with instant results.

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Established 2019 in Switzerland, FORTINIUM provides secure web workspace solutions for corporate networks as well as Home- and Mobile-Users.

Driven by the founders Eyal Dotan (CTO), with 25+ years of security centric software development, and Rey Schallberger (CEO) with 30+ years of worldwide Client- and Software Management experience FORTINIUM has established and tested in record time the first truly SECURE and EUROPEAN Web Workspace.


The productline based on REMOTE BROWSER execution combined with virtualization technology eliminates cyberthreats targeting your local browser and documents by execution of all active contents in a virtualized remote space while providing the device you are working with only with rendered output that is free of any threats.

FORTINIUM addresses 2 principal use case scenarios:

– Company-To-Web: Users in restricted corporate networks are provided secure internet access with or without document transfer

– HOME-To-Company: Mobile- or Home-Office users are provided company WEB Application access (without the need of VPN)


– Instant secure HomeOffice Workspace on any device, OS and browser

– Security «Made in Europe»

– Establish GDPR/DSGVO document secrecy

– No Software Deployment – less Helpdesk tickets

– Low network bandwidth usage, No Virtual-Private-Network (VPN) needed

– Go-Live within MINUTES … no training needed for your users