Why Us ?

We at FORTINIUM understand that choosing a software provider for your companies Digital Workspace means entrusting your workers productivity and corporate data security to us and give all our passion and pride to comply with your expectation.

Find here SOME good reason why we 100% believe to be “THE ONES” to deliver your Digital Workspace.

Security and Service Quality “Made in Europe”

Procedures, Standards and Work Ethics often differ by region and culture. Established in Switzerland and staffed with a highly skilled team from Europe we are proud in what and how we do it. From Design to Development, Operation and Support – we do everything to live up to the expectation of our customers and partners.

Tired to communicate in “English” ? We speak several languages – feel free to contact us in the language that suits you – we will adapt to the best we can.

All you need is a Browser and a Internet connection

Need to move numerous workers immediately to HomeOffice due to COVID-19 ? Have a previously unforeseen Business trip or just got a baby and want to work a while from home ?

… Virtually anything you are used to work with at your office desk can be safely made available almost immediately to any device you use at home or during travel including shared public machines. Windows applications installed inside your company premises, WEB applications and services with restricted access – all of it is available when needed and permitted by the company – without a need of VPN.

Eliminate Cyberthreats and VPN problems

Everything you launch will present on your Browser – but actually execute in a remote virtualized session completely disconnected from your computer and any Viruses, Troyans or other Cyberthreats that may be present there. Documents you open and edit remain within that virtual environment and therefore can not be accessed by any potential malware present in your local network.

All this does not require cost-, network- and personnel-intensive VPN solutions as you establish a single-authorized link between the Fortinium Portal and your network avoiding the overhead and risk of overaged VPN solutions.

External access with GDPR/DSGVO compliance

COVID-19 and the effect of sending people into home office has widely topedoed any efforts in previous years to improve overall document- and personnel data security. Suddenly people go home and get open VPN access to all sorts of restricted documents outside the corporate perimeter without any control what happens with them after usage.

Thanks to our web-based virtualized service usage documents typically do not need (or are even forbidden) to be transferred to a local drive and with that companies easily ensure to adhere GDPR/DSGVO legal standards.

Save Cost – Ensure Productivity !

As staff moves into home office many companies gear up buying extra computers for mobile work, increase network bandwidth and add VPN infrastructure. All this comes with massive cost – but yet workers satisfaction and productivity decreases due to technical problems in their home office and helpdesk ticket counts raise accordingly.

Moving people to use FORTINIUM is nothing more than providing them with a WEB link. As everyone is used to work with a browser they need no training and become productive immediately. As all they need is “a browser” there is little to break and support.

Do it yourself – no Project needed

Ever tried to bring up a classic terminal server remote work infrastructure ? Tired of projects that take weeks just to get 2-3 applications published for few users ? We guarantee – with less than 2 hours of remote instruction you will be able to run an environment with some first applications … from there you can take it all forward yourself. No special hardware needs or limitations from our side.